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Welcome to Cielo House. With locations in San Jose, Belmont, and Moss Beach, CA we offer comprehensive eating disorder treatment in a comfortable home-like setting. From our one-of-a-kind residential program in Moss Beach to outpatient treatment with some of the best Eating Disorder specialists in the industry, we are able to help clients with Eating Disorders at virtually any stage in their recovery.
Cielo House is a special kind of treatment program, offering a unique combination of professional treatment delivery in a welcoming, personal environment. We invite you to experience Cielo House by thoroughly exploring our website. You will be able to learn more about who we are, the various programs we offer, and how we can meet your needs.


Our Locations

Belmont House
PHP, IOP and Outpatient
1200 Sixth Ave.
Belmont, CA 94002
Phone: (650) 739-6001
Moss Beach Residential
Residential, PHP with Housing
323 Cypress Ave.
Moss Beach, CA 94038
Phone: (650)455-9242
San Jose House
PHP, IOP and Outpatient
334 North Second Street
San Jose, CA 95112
Phone: (408) 834-0616

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    Food for Thought – understanding and treating Eating Disorders

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